SYNC Pro Inventory Manager

SYNC Pro Inventory Manager is a Windows based tool for quickly gathering reliable software and hardware information for all machines on a network with minimal effort. Information such as Operating System, Manufacturer, Serial numbers, Network Adapters, Installed Software for all machines on the network becomes readily available.

There is no requirement to deploy an agent to a machine, collections can be enabled via logon script, remote execution or via tasks in group policy. The collector will typically run for less than 10 seconds and there is no visible impact to the user. In addition to tracking inventory on machines it is also possible to track software and printer usage and prompt users to fill in additional information such as business unit, telephone extensions etc.

The toolset has been used in over 300 software licence reviews at all kinds of organisations. The tool is very flexible because it does not require administrator rights to collect information and is compatible from Windows 95 upwards.

Licensing is on a per domain basis, please contact us for pricing information!


The Asset Inventory Management modules assist with data collection and discovery management processes. Collected information is interpreted and automatically updates a central Microsoft SQL database. This module comprises of the following components:

SYNC Pro Collector is a selection of mechanisms or agents designed to collect vital information about all devices connected to the network without affecting their performance. Collection can be performed on demand or through scheduled activities. This ensures that the information on the installed base is complete and current.

SYNC Pro Importer manages the interpretation of the collected data files and updates the central database that serves as a comprehensive knowledge base of all devices found on the network.

SYNC Pro Inventory Manager is the administration tool that manages all collected information. By comparing Original Configuration files to Current Configuration files, changes in the environment can easily be tracked. The comprehensive reporting and query capabilities can assist with turning the vast volumes of collected data into actionable business information.

Summary of Features

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Getting Started

Getting started with SYNC Pro Inventory Manager is made easy by using the Getting Starter Wizard utility. This wizard will help you to effectively understand and manage your network by either utilizing the SYNC Pro WMI functionality, or by setting up the Collection services.


The wizard will also assis you with setting up the SYNC Database and performing data collection. The Information files are then imported into SYNC Pro Inventory Manager.

Classic View

This will allow you to view all machines collected. Detailed information is available and the grid can be sorted and/or grouped as preferred.

All Grids can be exported to Microsoft Excel, XML, CSV and PDF Formats.

A comprehensive Reporting module is available.


Management View

AD Scan & Reload last AD Scan

This will populate your network computers into SYNC Pro Inventory Manager database. Computers that has been imported will be flagged green

Import Asset Register

This allows you to import an existing asset register, in csv format. After a successful import - the Asset column will be flagged green to indicate which machines were imported manually.

IP Base List

This feature will allow you to only import a specified IP range - and not the entire AD list on your network.

Online Query

This will perform a check of which machines are online. If online - the IP column will be flagged green

WMI Scan & WMI Logged On

The Windows Management Interface Scan will report on all hardware device information.

Collection Services

This feature will allow you to either perform an "Execute Service" or "Execute Schedule" to initiate the task for collection. Collection results can then also be viewed as in the example.

Device Scans

Will allow you to perform Remote Search functionalities, Remote Management or to remotely connect to the specific machine. In this example a WMI folder/file search was performed.

User Management

This will query the Active Directory for user information.

Changed History

This will indicate any hardware and software changes on machines


This allows you to schedule predefined tasks for collections


Easy to view reports that can be exported to MS Excel. This reporting feature is in addition to the normal SYNC Pro Inventory Manager Reporting Module.



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