About us

The SYNC Pro brand houses a number of software products used for network discovery, inventory, licence management and IT asset management. The brand is developed by ScanTrack SA (Pty) Ltd.

ScanTrack aims to develop easy to use, practical and high quality products. We aim to sell products globally and are looking for partners to assist in broadening our international reach.

Our flagship product, SYNC Pro Inventory Manager is ideally suited to gathering hardware and software inventory within the organization with minimal deployment effort and within short time frames.


We are looking for partners to use our products to support a value added service model that they are able to sell into their customers. The following types of partners may find the use of our product supports their business model and aims and objectives:

  • Performing Software Licence Compliance Reviews – Using the SYNC Pro Inventory Manager and supporting tools and products to collect hardware and software inventory, analyze license entitlement and present professional reports to the end customer highlighting areas of risk and enabling the customer to take control of their licensing position.
  • Value SAM Services – Using the SYNC Pro Product Suite to provide periodic, valuable reports to the end customer to assist them in managing their software and improving their processes.
  • Distribution – Distributing the product directly to customers for their own use

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