New from the product factory: SYNC Pro Scout (V1.0.022)

July 27th, 2011Posted by David

SYNC Pro Scout is a lightweight yet powerful tool to quickly scan your own PC, IP range or domain network to retrieve vital information such as: Bios Operating system Drives Processor Installed Software Services Shares Etc…. Try this new WMI Tool that is easy to install and use, retrieve information at a click of a [...]

new from the product factory: Reports

April 19th, 2011Posted by ProdBlogger

SYNC Pro Inventory has extensive reporting functionality which includes the Reporting Interface and also a new Reporting View with pie charts displaying collected machine and software data. The new Report view is available in the Management View of the SYNC Pro Inventory Manager module. Reports are in the form of multi-coloured pie charts and data [...]

news from the product factory: SYNC Usage

April 19th, 2011Posted by ProdBlogger

The SYNC Pro Collector is a tool used together with SYNC Pro Inventory Manager to collector machine data. The SYNC Pro Collector can be set up to detect virtual Devices, extended hardware and usage settings.  You can allow the SYNC Pro Collector to detect virtual machines, to collect extended hardware information, to collect software usage [...]

news from the product factory: extended information

December 8th, 2010Posted by ProdBlogger

Today we will continue to explore the new features of the latest release of SYNC Pro Inventory Manager. The new software now includes Extended Information which can be captured for computers. This is not only useful for tracking additional detail against computers but is also a useful tool for grouping machines. Machine function is one [...]

news from the product factory: grouping

November 18th, 2010Posted by ProdBlogger

The new grouping includes SAM Licence Groups and as well as a new Grouping View.  The first grouping view (SAM Licence Grouping) allows machines to be grouped according to their Domain, Gateway or Operating System. Once this grouping has been defined, any new machines imported into SYNC Pro Inventory Manager will be automatically allocated to [...]

news from the product factory: Archiving

November 1st, 2010Posted by Moonlight

As you know our new SYNC Pro Inventory Manager version 2.0.16 is being released this week – available for download and/or purchase online. Licensing is on a per domain basis, however there is a free version available for up to 100 users. The product is priced at $300 for up to 1,000 users – this [...]

a change is as good as a holiday!

November 1st, 2010Posted by ProdBlogger

In response to changes that have taken place both in the legislative environment regarding responsibility and knowledge of IT assets, and the industry, where software vendors have bundled Discovery products with other offerings, we at ScanTrack, have restructured our business into a services group and product group. Effective today, we are releasing a web-based SYNC [...]