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The SYNC Pro Product Suite is a group of modules that inventories, tracks and manages IT assets and software licence entitlements from a centrallocation on the network. This non-intrusive, easy to use repository-based auto inventory system dynamically and discreetly keeps track of assets such as hardware and sub-components, software and software licences.


Information Collection & Discovery Management

SYNC Pro Collector is a selection of mechanisms or agents designed to collect vital information about all devices connected to the network without affecting their performance. Collection can be performed on demand or through scheduled activities. This ensures that the information on the installed base is complete and current.


The SYNC Pro SQL Discovery process is designed to assist with the discovery of Microsoft SQL instances operating within an environment, to interrogate the found instances and to establish configuration information. This information is vital in making sound licensing and effective utilisation decisions.

Asset Inventory Management

SYNC Pro ScoutSYNC Pro Scout is a lightweight yet powerful tool to quickly scan your own PC, IP range or domain network to retrieve vital information such as:

  • Bios
  • Operating system
  • Drives
  • Processor
  • Installed programs
  • Services
  • Shares
  • Etc…..

Try this new WMI Tool that is easy to install and use, retrieve information at a click of a button. No configuration required!

Download SYNC Pro Scout

SYNC Pro Importer:

Collected information is interpreted and automatically updates a central Microsoft SQL database. SYNC Pro Inventory Manager module comprises the following components:

SYNC Pro Importer manages the interpretation of the collected data files and updates the central database that serves as a comprehensive knowledge base of all devices found on the network.


SYNC Pro Inventory Manager is the administration tool that manages all collected information. By comparing Original Configuration files to Current Configuration files, changes in the environment can easily be tracked. The comprehensive reporting and query capabilities can assist with turning the vast volumes of collected data into actionable business information.

SYNC Pro Inventory Manger - Classic View

Licence Management

These modules focus on capturing & managing the software licence entitlements owned by the organisation, comparing these to the licence requirements of the installed software operating in the environment, thus managing the compliance risk profile. Licence Management consists of two modules:

SYNC Pro Software Identification Database (SID) is a database of software classifications that provides the ability to convert raw inventory data into meaningful application information. This allows the user to analyse and categorise the vast amount of information on installed software into manageable segments (e.g. licensable software, freeware, malware, program type etc.)


SYNC Pro Licence Manager is specifically designed for the proactive management of the licensing contracts that have been acquired by the organisation. This functionally rich, user friendly module provides:

* A centralised register of all licence contracts and the various entitlements afforded under each type of contract
* The ability to link installed software to specific contracts and easily monitor licensing compliance within the organisation
* Assistance with software budgeting and calculation of annual and true up costs
* An effective means of maintaining an optimal software environment through identification of redundant and duplicated software


Asset Lifecycle Management (contact us for a demonstration)

SYNC Pro Asset Manager is a solution for tracking assets throughout an organisation. Asset Manager extends the comprehensive CMDB information available from the SYNC Pro Inventory Manager module by enabling the centralised IT department to:

* record purchase details/rental agreements for assets
* upload lists of assets from suppliers
* manage user information such as status, type, cost centre, function
* assign ownership of assets to users
* define permitted software installation profiles for users
* track asset movement, status and location through cycles such as maintenance, retirement, disposal etc.
* record purchase/lease and warranty information for assets and allocate costs to business units
* manage the lifecycle of pc’s and other IT related assets


ScanTrack Services

ScanTrack provides tools & processes combined with software asset management reviews to assist companies in maintaining the most cost effective information system with which to drive and administer their business assets.

These services are offered on a project by project basis or on an ongoing co-managed basis via service level agreements.



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